Crocheted Rug

The other day I discovered a cotton jersey sheet in the laundry room that had little holes in it.  I have know idea how they got there but nonetheless the sheet was no longer useable. What can you do with a sheet that is no longer useable as a sheet? Cut it into a stip and make a rug.

It took me awhile but I was able to cut the sheet into one long strip making a huge ball of cotton yarn.  I started crocheting the rug this morning.  If you crochet it’s very easy, if you don’t look up a tutorial because I’m not very good at teaching it.

All I did was chain 31, turn, skip one chain and single crochet to the end.  I’ll repeat this until I’m done.  I’d like to find a couple gray t-shirts and maybe some black ones that we no longer wear and cut them up to add to the run.  I’m hoping the rug will be just the right thing to add to my kitchen when I’m done painting.


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