Wallpaper Removal Day

My kitchen has had wallpaper on it for some time now but not just wallpaper, my mom painted over the wallpaper as a surprise. She knew I was tired of the wallpaper and wanted a nice brown with a pretty boarder.  It did look nice but the wallpaper peaked through the paint in places.  It’s just a small area so I’ve decided to remove the wallpaper and paint the wall using DIY chalkboard paint.  I’ve found several different resources for this but the one that seems the most reliable it the plaster of paris.  The wall is a bit rough so the thick paint will work well.  We will need to do some patch work to fill places but I’m hoping my dear husband, Steve, will do that for me.  He is not a reno kind of guy but he can be very handy when I get him started.

I started by peeling the top layer of wallpaper off, this is the vinyl portion.  I then mixed 1/4 fabric softener to 3/4 hot water in a spray bottle but I imagine you could use a bucket and a sponge just as well if not better.  I then sprayed that on the wall and let it soak while I removed the next section of wallpaper. Here’s what it looks like with the top layer removed.  The white part is the wall and the brown is the soaking wallpaper layer. wallpaperremoved

After it has soaked it’s fairly easy to remove, and if you’re lucky some of it will come off in large strips.  After I’ve removed it all it will be very important to wash the wall down well to remove any fabric softener left overs. I will use TSP to wash the wall down.  If you use TSP remember to wear gloves and to rinse the wall well before painting.


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