Looking for Motivation

I want to paint the kitchen today but am not feeling very motivated.  The kitchen looks like a tornado went through because I had to empty my kitchen shelf in order to get to the wall,  now I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m tempted to put everything back the way it was then work on one wall at a time, there would be at least some kind of order that way.  But with DIY chalkboard paint you have to use what you mix, you can’t store it.  Here’s a list of what I do to get motivated.

  1. Watch a Youtube video for inspiration
  2. Read an inspirational article
  3.  Read inspiring quotes
  4. Look through Pinterest
  5. Take my ADD medication
  6. Get Organized
  7. Write down steps to make the action seem less overwhelming
  8.  Get up and move
  9. Do a bit of yoga
  10. Meditate

James Clear writes a very good article about getting motivated, he also offers a free pdf.  I didn’t read the pdf but did read the article.  Here is the link if you’re interested http://jamesclear.com/how-to-get-motivated.

So I’ve watched a bunch of videos of people painting with DIY chalkboard paint.  I’ve learned through their errors and got lots of tips and tricks.  Most people agree the Plaster of Paris way is the best way.  I’m going to go tap off my wall now.  I’ll get some pictures up when I’m done.


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