Painting Day

Today is finally painting day. I did all the prep work, washing the walls and taping off the areas to be painted, yesterday.  I will be using a DiY chalkboard paint.  Painting with DIY chalkboard paint is a bit different from painting with regular latex paint.

The drying time between coats is definitely different.  When using regular paint, if you put the second coat on to soon it will lift the first coat.  This did not happen when I put on coat number two of the DIY chalkboard paint only one and a half hours after the first coat. I believe it to be because the plaster of Paris dries so quickly that it helps the paint to dry faster.

When using  DIY chalkboard paint you need to only mix up the amount you are intending to use otherwise it will dry out. My recipe is one part water, two parts Plaster of Paris and four parts latex paint. I can not stress how important it is to make sure the water and plaster of paris are mixed well before adding the paint, otherwise you will have lumps.  I used a sponge roller and paint sponge to apply the paint.

I had some left over paint in my paint tray so I used it to paint some baby food jars that I use to store my herbs and spices.  I used the paint sponge and dabbed it on the lids and also, dabbed a small spot on the front of the jar. I think that will work well to write the names of the spices and herbs on. Although, writing on the jars may be a bit trickier than I expected.  I’m going to try and find a fine tipped white marker and use that to write on the jars with.  It will look like a chalkboard but will be easier to maneuver.

Below you can see some picture of what we have done so far as well as a recipe for my version of DIY chalkboard paint.


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