Everyone hates Monday’s right?  Not me, I view them as a time to start over.  Kind of like everyone does for New Years.  Monday’s are a time to set goals for the week.  Setting goals for an entire year is pretty difficult, but how about setting them for just one week?  Not so hard.  As they say, “take one day at a time.”. Well, I say take it one week at a time, break it down and divide it into hours.

Mondays are my “Kitchen” day.  It’s a day that I use to bless my kitchen, restock food, plan what my family will eat for the week, and do a good cleaning.


Clean off the counters and sanitize
Clean out the Refrigerator
Make a Menu Plan based on what I find in the refrigerator
Make a grocery list
Go grocery shopping
Put groceries away, wash and prepare produce for easy snacking


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